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Senso Test

Senso Test: Senso test is a high-quality rapid diagnostic product and service provided by Atlas link specifically for developing countries. The trademark was officially registered in 2018, and the Senso test brand is an important business transformation strategy of Atlas-link. Most of Senso test's products use mature and reliable formula systems, combined with large-scale fully automated production line capabilities to produce high-quality products, so it has the characteristics of low price, mature and reliable, simple and easy to use, and large-scale popularization. The original design of the Senso test product series is to allow more people to enjoy cost-effective medical diagnostic products. HCG, LH and other eugenic products are used as star products. Drugs and infectious diseases will also be added to this product line.Senso test has broad market prospects and potential in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Atlas-Link has been in the industry since 2004, so the wealthy experience and great expertise makes sure that the Beijing-based foreign trade company could manufacture test kits to help worldwide population prevent the spread of the majority types of contagious diseases, including the COVID -19.

With an active collaboration and dedication to excellence, we manufactured our IVD products with the highest quality and durability. Thus, we are capable of providing our customers with the most effective and affordable solutions to detect the harmful viruses, including the COVID-19, easily and effectively. The products of our Senso Test brand always aim to provide solutions for all mankind.

Atlas-Link is a globally renowned manufacturer of IVD products in Beijing, China. The enterprise manufactures its entire line of products, including the Seno Test Kits, using the latest technology and making them pass through severe quality assurance tests to ensure their quality and high performance. The company has built a reputation as a premium manufacturer and supplier of high-quality IVD products.

The leading global medical professionals and hospitals are using products of Atlas-Link, including Senso Test kits. This is the reason that why the enterprise is always dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality IVD test kits by keeping the seriousness of many injurious and communicable diseases in mind, to protect the overall health of people all over the world.

The high quality of the products from Atlas-Link comes from our careful attention to all details. This quality principle drives every phase of the research, development, and manufacture of our products. We are passionate about our quality assurance that we guarantee our Senso Test Kits meet and go beyond the quality clauses structured by the International Organization of Standardization.

The major aim of Atlas-Link to manufacture Senso Test kits is to offer the most accurate solution for protecting the people, not only in China but also in the entire world, from the harmful effects of the contagious COVID-19 disease effectively. With a team of skilled, dedicated, and experienced professionals, the Beijing-based business offers industry-leading customer support as well as technical support to their customers.

Every set of Senso Test kit has been designed to fulfill the most stringent performance features, so users will be capable of feeling confident that they would get reliable and accurate data. With these test kits, clinical laboratories as well as clinicians can now have the required tools to get comprehensive and consistent sequencing results.

As Atlas-link is applying the most innovative technology while manufacturing its Senso Test Kits for analyzing genetic variation as well as function, it makes researches possible to detect the majority of types of viruses easily and effectively, which were not even conceivable some years ago. It is a serious mission to the companies to offer flexible, innovative, and scalable solutions to meet the testing requirements of their customers through its high-quality products.

As a global business, which places a high value on joint interactions, fast delivery of solutions, as well as offering the highest level of quality, Atlas-Link strives to meet this COVID-19 challenge through its performance-centered Senso Test Kits.